Liquid Mercury Manufacturer In China

The largest liquid mercury factory in China, manufacturing high-quality liquid mercury and wholesale liquid mercury supplier.

High-quality products

As a manufacturer of liquid mercury in China, we are committed to producing high-quality products. We employ advanced production processes and strict quality control measures to ensure the purity and stability of our products meet industry standards and customer requirements.

Global export capability

As a Chinese manufacturer of liquid mercury, our products are exported to the global market. We have extensive international trade experience and export networks, allowing us to efficiently and effectively supply our products to customers worldwide, meeting their demand for liquid mercury.

Reliable supply chain

We have established a reliable supply chain system to ensure timely availability of our liquid mercury products. We have developed strong partnerships with suppliers, logistics companies, and relevant stakeholders to ensure the reliability and stability of our raw material supply and product delivery.

Technical expertise

Our factory has a professional technical team with expertise in liquid mercury production processes and the latest technologies in the field. We stay updated on industry trends and continuously innovate and improve our production processes to enhance product quality and efficiency.

Customized solutions

We understand that each customer has unique requirements. Therefore, we provide customized liquid mercury solutions for our customers. We work closely with them, offering personalized products and technical support tailored to their specific needs.

Safety and environmental

We prioritize safety and environmental protection, adhering to strict safety standards and environmental requirements throughout the liquid mercury production process. We take measures to ensure employee safety and environmental preservation, striving for sustainable development.

Industry news

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The main products include: mercury chloride, refined mercury, mercury catalyst, amino mercury, mercury nitrate, mercury sulfate and more than ten kinds.

Liquid silver mercury 99.999%
Molecular formula: Hg
Molecular weight: 200.61
Properties: Liquid metal at room temperature, with mirror luster, specific gravity is 13.6 at 4°C. The melting point is -38.85℃, and the boiling point is 357.55℃. It has trace volatilization at room temperature, soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia and hot sulfuric acid, but insoluble in hydrochloric acid and dilute sulfuric acid
Purity: 99.999%
Executive standard: GB913-85
CAS Number: 7439-97-6
Packing: 1kg/bottle 34.5kg/can
chemical composition:
① Mercury≥99.999%
②The content of impurities is less than: 0.001% of total burning residue, 0.0002% of iron
Other heavy metals (calculated as lead) 0.0004%
Appearance: The product has a silver-white specular luster and does not contain mechanical impurities (sand, ash, etc.).
Uses: used in alluvial gold, rock gold mines, analytical pure mercury, electroplating, reagents, electrical instrument industry, lighting industry, manufacturing mercury rectifier equipment, mercury vacuum pumps, measuring and control instruments, etc.


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We are a gold mine and the liquid mercury supplied by your facility plays a key role in our refining process. Your products are of exceptional quality and efficiently separate gold from ore. Your liquid mercury helps us achieve an efficient and sustainable gold extraction process, making us an industry leader.

Sarah Anderson

We have been using liquid mercury products from your factory for scientific research and laboratory applications. The stability and purity of your products are very high, fully meeting our requirements for experimental precision and reliability. Your liquid mercury plays a key role in our research programs, enabling us to achieve important scientific breakthroughs.

George Flavius

We are a precious metal recycling company and the liquid mercury supplied by your facility plays a key role in our gold recovery process. Your products are reliable and efficient for the extraction and separation of gold. We have relied on your liquid mercury for efficient and environmentally friendly gold recovery and thank you for your continued support.

Peter Oliver